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The Rand Tower Hotel - A Destination for Celebration

Whiskey & Soda

Are you looking for a one of a kind experience at a unique, stand out place you can tell all your friends about? Are you hoping to find something stellar amongst the bars in downtown Minneapolis? Look no further than Whiskey and Soda, the Rand Tower Hotel’s lobby bar and cocktail lounge, a stylish, sophisticated destination for those looking to turn any night out into a true adventure.

Whiskey and Soda is titled after the legendary lion cubs who lived with the American airmen of the Lafayette Escadrille. Their legacy now lives on at the Rand Tower Hotel, in the wild imagery and tempting atmosphere of their namesake bar.

At Whiskey and Soda, you will find an assortment of uplifting and unforgettable details, from the creative cocktails to our extensive selection of rich, amber whiskey. We dare our guests to embrace their curiosity, try new things, and indulge their senses. This means making the most out of time spent with friends, family, and even strangers.

Celebrate With Us

Whiskey and Soda provides an unmatched, titillating atmosphere for guests to unwind and be themselves. It’s also an ideal getaway to celebrate any special occasion, like a birthday party or maybe an engagement. Whiskey and Soda has been designed to help you celebrate those memories in the making, and turn them into something truly unforgettable.

Drink With Us

We believe cocktails should be made with style and sophistication. Our refined drink menu will have all your senses tingling, while our whiskey bar and cocktail lounge offers one of the best whiskey selections available in the Twin Cities.

Eat With Us

Our menu offers a variety of unique dishes so you can indulge yourself in any time of the day. Our small plates offer a delightful and tasty exploration that encourages curiosity and daring. When you dine at Whiskey and Soda, you will never leave feeling unsatisfied.


Bars in Minneapolis don’t always offer everything that guests want, but at Whiskey and Soda satisfaction is truly our highest priority. That is why we offer To-Go services for those who wish to experience our culinary novelty at home. We offer delivery and curbside pick-up seven days a week. As a local business, it’s the least we can do for our customers.

Visit Us

Sharing a drink with a loved one, or a new friend, is an experience many of us cherish, and at Whiskey and Soda we try to embellish that engagement with one of a kind cocktails, an incomparable menu, and an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit us and share a drink at the bar, interact with real people, share old stories and create some exciting new ones while you’re at it.

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