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Hotel Dining in Minneapolis, Minnesota

How It Used to Be

When was the last time you and your friends enjoyed a night out you could never forget? Our guess is, a long time. These days, most of our time is spent on our computers, phones, and glued to the television. We might be caught up on every episode of our favorite reality TV series, but we hardly ever expend extra energy on socializing when there is work to be done, chores to complete, and then hours of decompressing to do at the end of every work day.

However, taking time to enjoy social activity and engage with people who are living and breathing- not two-dimensional -is what makes us human. Laughter, food sharing, storytelling, and toasting our friends are joys that have become underrated in today’s technologically advanced, even obsessed, society.

Lobby Bar & Restaurant

If you are near the Minneapolis area, and you are trying to remember what it feels like to get dressed up and go out with your family and friends, it’s time you made plans at Whiskey & Soda, the Rand Tower Hotel’s very own lobby bar and restaurant.

Spirits, Fare & Fun

Whiskey & Soda, a hotel restaurant in Minneapolis, was named after the lion cubs who lived among the airmen of WWI’s Lafayette Escadrille. Here, we have created an unparalleled, vivacious atmosphere accompanied by luxurious and inspiring designs. Companionship and engagement are encouraged. Our aviation-themed cocktails will lift your spirits, while our extensive selection of whiskey will satisfy any connoisseur of this long favored drink.

Our sophisticated menu is filled with delightfully unique dishes meant to impress and indulge the senses. We offer small plates for sharing, and a well established menu for every kind of gathering, including breakfast and dinner.

Also, the Rand Tower Hotel is just five blocks away from Target Field, the home of Twins Baseball. You can enjoy a cocktail at Whiskey & Soda before the first pitch, or stay the night after strolling home from the game. During baseball season we offer the Sports Fan Fun Package, as well, which includes your choice of Twins hat or visor, two drink tickets for pre (or post) gaming, a late 2pm checkout, and free Wifi. Join us for baseball season this Summer in Minneapolis!

A Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant for The Ages

At the Rand Tower Hotel’s Whiskey & Soda, you will find yourself surrounded by genuine conversation. You will be encouraged to enjoy your time here and interact with your loved ones, without distractions, where the closest thing to a perfect picture is the present moment.

If you are craving a night out, and genuine, human connection at one of the many bars in downtown Minneapolis, visit us at Whiskey & Soda today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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