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To fully appreciate the Rand Tower Hotel, get to know the building's namesake: Rufus R. Rand Jr. was a WWI and WWII veteran, aviator, inventor and industrial giant. In the 1920s, he commissioned the 26-story building, then one of the tallest in Minneapolis, and was eventually inducted into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame.

"We needed to embrace that adventurous spirit in the undertaking of this building," says Ryan Schommer, director of the new hotel's design and branding team. "This era was about sending us to the heavens—inspiring growth and moving upward."

Every Art Deco-esque detail of the Marriott property captures a nuance of Rand's life. The restored terrazzo flooring, for example, is inlaid with stars and moons. The cocktail bar, Whiskey and Soda, is named for two lion cubs who lived among Rand's WWI squadron. As you ascend the floors, the design themes grow airier to mimic taking to the sky. "The overall vibe of those rooms is like you're in the clouds," says Schommer. "Bright and very peaceful."

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